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Melissa's love for seniors came from her relationship with her grandparents who were the focus of the family growing up. 


Learning respect for elders and to always address them with love, kindness, and compassion came as a natural attribute to Melissa from a very young age.  Healthcare specifically with seniors was a definite match for the work world after college graduation. 


Personal circumstances with Melissa's own grandfather enduring lung cancer and her grandmother living with Alzheimer's brought her focus again ever clear, her passion was helping seniors.  Guiding her own family through her grandparent's care addressed a need to be filled for other families as well. 


In 1999 Tender Touch was brought to life to serve not just her own family,  but so many who need guidance through this difficult time of care and senior placement.  


Heading 1

Melissa discovered another need in her many years of senior placement. Not every senior can afford their long term care & many have no one else to help or turn to during these times. The dream to start a charity to help bridge the financial gap for seniors applying for Long Term Care came when Melissa formed a 501c3, Infinite Finds in November of 2017. Melissa put her heartfelt & lucrative business on hold for 2 1/2 years to fulfill her dream. 


Infinite Finds now has a Thrift Boutique run by volunteers, allowing Melissa to fulfill her mission of not only bridging the financial gap for seniors needing Long Term Care but being the one to handhold the seniors & their families through the process of arranging their care & facility.  Tender Touch will also donate 20% of every placement referral fee to Infinite Finds to continue this much-needed service. 

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